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Here is the letter:

To my friends; We say, “justice will prevail sooner or later,” and “Justice delayed is justice denied”…

But how much do these two statements contradict each other whereas? If justice delayed is justice denied, how sooner or later it can prevail ? how one calls justice that prevails so late ?

I have spent 11 months in prison today. How much longer do I have to wait for this justice to prevail itself? If I release tomorrow, will this be fair?

And I am not going to be released tomorrow. My indictment was written a month and a half ago, but heavens know why it has not yet been served to me by the court. As far as I can tell, the first hearing date is 14 December. I mean, I am almost going to stand up before the judge for a year and a half after I was arrested. Is this justice now?

At first [when i was in duty] I was very angry with those runaways and fugitives, I was asking if they were guilty or not. I do not know if they are guilty or not, but they know better than me that there is no justice in this country. Everyone knows the phrase called “submit oneself to the justice.” I believe that the justice I have submitted had run away from this country before everyone…

Everthing is getting worse and worse when in fact i think that it will be normalized and gettin better. Four months ago they took our radios for an interim period, after a while they said they would give it back. Now they say they will not give it back anymore. Under these difficult circumstances, I had a tiny music taste. They begrudged it too. To crown it all they took my wristwatch which I used for 11 months [in prison]. The Reason; My watch has a calendar. They really are trying to drive us crazy. Or is there could be a logical reason for these ? Why would they afraid of a radio or a watch? I have also reported myself to the prosecutor. If I am using this radio and watch for illegal work then and there is evidence in the hands of the state about it, then start an investigation about me. Make a case. Judge and punish me. If there is no evidence, give back to me the radio and the watch. I said I do not accept such a blanket ban. Do you think they would give my radio and watch? Of course not.

I have not been worth as much as a dog in this country. You ask why? In the winter we passed, a dog fell into the well, but everyone was mobilize d. You will remember that after about a week of work, they rescued and put its name as “well”. He stayed a week on the first page of the newspapers and found itself in the main news bulletins.

I have not been in a week, but I have been at the bottom of a well for exactly 11 months. Do you read a newspaper about me or innocent judges and prosecutors like me? or Do you watch us in prime time news ? The main opposition leader, Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu, was asking “where are the public prosecutors of this country” at today’s group meeting. I’ve been screaming they are in prison for months. Does he not know that? Yes, I was only be a prosecutor in the Republic and now I have been paying for it in prison for months. They buried me alive. I never know how long I can endure this unlawfulness, persecution and injustice. Now i have no power left to bear for these injustices.

Am I not patient enough for someone to never committed a crime? Why do I have to settle for 45 minutes a week while I have the rights for being always together with my loved ones? How much longer do I have to watch them ruin my life? For God’s sake, how could be the date of the first hearing given five and a half months after the indictment? We’ve been doing the same job before. I never remember having to postpone a procedure for more than a couple of months. Because we were afraid to answer to inspector. I wonder where their carelessness come from nowadays, and where is this kind of courage they are taken from. Surely the day will come, they will give the account of these injustices, will it take away the injustices made to me, will they bring back the lost days, unbeknown …

Many of the people to whom we have been tried for the same offense have begun to stand trial. I’m getting their news. As far as I can see, the whole process is just the fulfillment of the formalities. For example, a friend tried to tell to the court that he was innocent for hours. The court has listened without interruption. Then “per curiam”: “decided to prolong the detainee’s status in prison, for the next trial to be made in November …” Well then why not a single question was asked by the board to the one they judge? So they already cut his ticket. They do not interrupt the defence in order to be able to say, “see, we gave you a good right of defense”. The judge who really wanted to solve the case would not ask a question? What is it you did not listen to and you did not tried to enlighten then gave a right of defence or not? The purpose satisfy the form requirements of judging. Otherwise, the decision is already made. I really wonder about the thoughts of my friends who have sincerely devoted theirselfs to political power. Do you not know these, or do you not see these things as persecution? At least I ask because you know me. Do you deem proper that done to me? Or do you think a few innocent’s rights and their victimization can be ignored in such a time? Know that the things that have been done to me are a very small part of their cruelty, and unfortunately you are also partners to this persecution, whether you know or not. I do not know about others but my wail is enough for them …


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