Pro-gov’t journalist Etyen Mahcupyan about the wich-hunt in Turkey made on unfounded denunciation

(sent to editor by known source)

The story that i am going to tell you goes through in one of the cities of Central Anatolia however it might happen anywhere in Turkey since there is no obstacle from happening it and we continue to hear more and more rumors about similarities in many different places. One day, a lawyer from one of the big businesses received a call from one of his prosecutor friend. The prosecutor wants him to come his office as soon as possible. On the visit of the lawyer, after regular chit chat the prosecutor has brought the subject to an investigation about the lawyer tells him that he is accused of being a fetoist and in charge of petty officers in that city …

The lawyer tries to explain to the prosecutor that they met long ago, known each other as a family for years, and the accusations about him is just a bunch of baloney as best as he could tell, but the prosecutor was also on the same page. However, the Prosecutor says that he has to arrest him, because otherwise he has a high possibility of getting into trouble. The lawyer insists on who reports him, but he can not have answer. The prosecutor stressed that he did not have the authority to give this knowledge to him …

As a matter of fact, the public prosecutor arrests the lawyer who is a close friend and sends him to jail. After a few days, the lawyer, due to his friendship get a chance to talk again with the prosecutor. He begs to the prosecutor know who had reported him. Finally, the prosecutor’s heart softens and tells the name of the informer. The lawyer hears this name for the first time. Nothing will come out from the research of the family too. No one knows this person in the family …

While the imprisonment has been around for a few weeks, an idea comes to the lawyer’s mind and he makes an attempt. After a long struggle the lawyer persuades his prosecutor friend to this: the prosecutor was going to call the informer and ask him the person that he informed and put five pictures in front of him including the lawyer. The prosecutor invited the informer and put the photos in front of him … And the informant did not know who the lawyer is. He does not know the lawyer and never saw it in his life.

Thus, the lawyer was released from jail … The informer does not say why he denounced him, and who encouraged him. After the incident neither the lawyer nor the prosecutor pursued the informant. They fear that something would happen if they went after the informer. The lawyer still does not know why this all happened. If the idea of identification from the photographs did not come to his mind because of his profession and if the prosecutor had not been a friend he would meet the festival in prison today, It would be a long time to think about “national sovereignty”,400666

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