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Open Letter by a Turkish Judge to European Colleagues

letter written by a Turkish judge

The situation in our country is getting worse every day. In a sense this article; The call of S.O.S from the setting sun of law … a shout for help. Maybe a desperate crying !

My dear Colleagues;

I have worked twenty years as a judge. Throughout my life, I have defended “pluralist democracy”, “state of law” and “human rights”. I will continue to defend. I have opposed all sorts of “terror” and “violence”. I’ve always been away from everyday politics. I have not compromised on these principles. Like many of my colleagues, now I am paying a heavy price of this…

After 15th of July; I was first suspended, then I was dismissed from my job without being taken my defense. Custody and arrest decision was issued about me like manyothers. Imposed a cautionary judgement on all my assets. I was removed from the dwelling house where I sat. My credit cards have been canceled. I was being put in a situation where i can not withdraw the money in the bank and unable to make a living for my family. I am stigmatized as “terrorist” and “putschist” without any evidence and against the presumption of innocence. The indictment has not yet been made about me. Maybe there is a lot to say. I explain these in terms of giving an example. I want you to know that i have no personal expectations. On behalf of thousands of colleagues who are in the same situation, I am telling these hoping that somebody will speak up for us …

In our country, nearly 4,300 members of the judiciary were dismissed from their professions. The vast majority of them are still arrestees. 2 members of the Constitutional Court and hundreds of Supreme Court and members of the Council of State have been detained for 10 months. In single cells, they are kept under heavy seclusion conditions. Those with severe health problems even cancer patients, are not released or can not be released

The judges who ruled on release decisions about journalists are being suspended on the same day. The members of the judiciary who sign the decisions that unpleasant to the executive are always threatened with arrest and dismissal.


There are many more negative examples can be given where things came from the point of law. It is no longer possible to talk about judicial independence in our country. This situation is reflected in many reports of EU official organizations. There are no platform left for the victims to be heard their voice due to the silenced media anf the arrested journalists and writers. The situation gets worse every passing day. The sun of
law is about to set.

In the face of these realities, has it not been time for you to take a proactive effort now?


Western civilization paid a lot of price to reach the current civilization level. Suffered a lot. You can understand us best!

While there are thousands of “Dreyfus” cases in our country, an Emile ZOLA who screamed for justice did not come out!

Professor Günther Jakops’s “Criminal Law of the Enemy (The Feindstrafrecht) Theory” is passed on to practice in our country with the applications that exceed Hitler’s Germany. Everyone’s voice is cut off, no one can make a sound. “Crimes against humanity” continue to be processed every day …

I think you have a conscience that does not say “it’s your problem”. I write in the hope that voices will be given to our voices …
The “ghost of lawlessness” circulating in Europe before World War II is circulating today in our country. It’s hard to predict what will happen tomorrow. If it does not hinder, “fire of lawlessness” is preparing to burn the whole world again … The danger is great!

If there will be no one to speak up for us, tomorrow this fire of lawlessness will take up everywhere. This fact has to be seen.

My only concern is “law/justice”, not politics. I believe that those who will put out the lawlessness fire again will be jurists…

The call for help is not a play for sympathy or for a personal request. The aim is to make aware of the danger and make efforts to ensure “enforcement of international law” before it is too late.

There are thousands of applications waiting in front of the ECHR. It is not put on the courts agenda. We want applications to be discussed as soon as possible. We want to be made an effort to ensure that the “law” is implemented as soon as possible.

I don’t know if it’s to much to ask ?


Won’t you want to answer the wailing of your desperate colleagues in a country where law is about to collapse?

Won’t not you like to contribute to the reestablishment of the law?

Won’t you want to keep our hope?

I took your time. Best regards.

A colleague of yours
(who can not write his/her name with security concerns)

Source: @jhhturkey



In the last official statement of the HSYK, the number of dismissed judges and prosecutors (excluding military judges) was announced as 4238. After that, according to the Deputy Prime Minister Nurettin Canikli’s May 2017 statement in a TV program;

4444 judges&prosecutors
489 military judges
4933 (TOTAL) judges ans prosecutors was dismissed.
Including Court of Accounts auditors who are accepted in judiciary statute, this number reaches 5218:


Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu made the final announcement in March about the number of judges/prosecutors who are under arrest as 2575. However, the number of arrested and released judiciary and the arrest of military judges were not included in I guess, then arrests made also, a twitter account which shares letters from persecuted judges/prosecutors, @jhhturkey announced the number of arresred judges and prosecutors as at least 3089. It is estimated that this number is close to the actual number.


Spouses of dismissed judiciary were also sacked if they were employed. They have no incomes for 10 months. Salaries and health insurances were canceled. Bank accounts and assets were frozen. Most of them still in detention although some of them are seriously ill. Those who are not under arrest are not allowed to work as lawyers or to work in another job because their names were published in the official gazette as a member of the terrorist organization. They do not even have an income for the house rent. Some of them moved to their families houses. The children who were studying in college left their education because they could not afford the expenses. They are under crimes against humanity.

800 of the 900 judges appointed by the Ministry of Justice with relations to AKP

(author known to editor)

Independence and impartiality, indispensable quality, honor and virtue of judiciary. A judiciary who does not use his conscious, sells his personality, breaks it down and betrays himself and his nation, country and state before anyone and anything else.
In a political environment where distortions and irregularities have been overtaken and the contradictions and immoderations in different sections have been experienced and the pledges have been forgotten and negated, partisanism is gradually increasing, and objectionable procedure and actions follow each other. Lastly, 800 of the 900 judges appointed by the Ministry of Justice, who has relations to AKP is horrifying. In a country where the judiciary has lost its independence and its impartiality, justice becomes a dream, one cannot talk about security, social peace, welfare and rest. Judiciary bias is the most severe disorder.
It is a surprising contradiction while referendum results still discussing, as the complaints about the impartiality of the president not being compatible with the membership of a political party become widespread, it is an astounding repugnance that the reputation and trustworthiness of the judiciary was rendered constantly debatable and complainable by appointed judges comes from a ruling party background. Those who cause this objection that remains in duty, to be seen appropriate and protected, is also thought-provoking.

New appointed judges in Turkey – Qualifikation? AKP member

(author known to editor)


SEVCAN KARAYİĞİT- The daughter of Ahmet Karayiğit, Chief Law Advisor of the Presidency

FURKAN BARUTÇU – AKP Sultanbeyli District Founding President

İLYAS DEMİRCAN- AKP Balikesir İvrindi District Head Of Party

YADIGAR DEMİRCAN – AKP Balikesir İvrindi District Head Of Partys wife … Member of AKP Women’s Branch

SERKAN BAŞOK – Kayseri Chief Public Prosecutor Mehmet Siyami Başok’s nephew who decided verdict of non-prosecution about former Kayseri metropolitan mayor now AKP MP Mehmet Özhaseki

AHMET EMRE ARIKAN – AKP Member of Denizli District Board of Executives

ASLI ARSLANHAN – AKP Kocaeli Çayırova District former executive

NAHİDE HAKAN – Head of AKP Van Women’s Branch

BEKİR YILDIZ – AKP deputy’s nephew and AKP member

NECDET TARHAN – AKP Candidate for Council Van Edremit

AÇELYA KAHYA – AKP Giresun Provincial Board Member

ETHEM BAŞER – AKP Giresun Provincial Board Member

CEMAL YAYLA – AKP Giresun Party Member

ÖMER FARUK YANIK – AKP Giresun Görele party member

İPEK KIŞLALI – AKP İzmir Karabağlar District Executive

EMRAH GÜRGER and his wife ÖZLEM GÜRGER – are known for their affiliations to AKP.

YAVUZ ERTUGAY – President of Erzurum Ersılader (an association close to AKP)

ALPASLAN GÜZEL – AKP Kaman former District Head

NEŞE ARISOY – President of AKP Women’s Branch of Adana

ÖMER ÇAĞLAR – AKP Adana Metropolitan Municipality Alderman

MAHMUT ÇAKMAK – AKP Adana Provincial Disciplinary Board Member

ASLI ÇETİN TURPÇU – AKP Adana MP candidate

ESRA IŞIL SAĞLAM – AKP Adana Member Of party

HÜSEYİN ÇAMLI – AKP Adana Member Of party

PELİN BURÇİN DİLMEN – AKP Adana Member Of party

MUSTAFA KILIÇÇI – AKP Adana Member Of party

ADEM METİK – AKP Adana Member Of party

ADEM YILDIRIM – Vice President of AKP Van Province

5/5/2017 Dismissals/Arrests of Judges and Upcoming Dismissals

(author known to editor)

First: please find the name lists of 107 dismissed judges on 5/5/2017:,lF4ptnjKqE-7vxwDW2QLfA

Second: “Speaking to the media, Deputy Chair Mehmet Yilmaz, said when new names will emerge after confessions from suspects, the judicial board will evaluate them; however, work on the existing list has come to an end.

“We are not working on any other list,” he added.

Third: “… the proposed constitution will give (gave) Mr. Erdogan total control over the judiciary. In fact, the new constitution would allow the president to appoint four members to the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors, Turkey’s highest legal body responsible for oversight of a judicial system. That’s actually the same number the president appoints now. Although the number of members of the council has been reduced…”

Fourth: “According to the regulation made in the Article 159 of the constitution, the members of the Council of Judges and Prosecutors shall be elected within thirty (30) days at the latest and shall take office on the work day following forty (40) days after the entry into force of this Act.”


-Since July 15, 2016, a total of 4,238 judges and prosecutors have been dismissed.

-Some of the dismissed/detained judges amongst 107 are the ones who gave decisions to arrest other judges after the coup attempt and now their turn to be arrested.

-Current High Council’s members will be replaced by the new ones soon. Therefore, Deputy Chair Mehmet Yilmaz’s statement is not binding.

-New High Council members may start to work on other lists as well and it seems so.

-Simply, that is a never ending process.

A letter from the daughter of Mustafa Erdoğan, arrested member of Supreme Court of Appeal and a cancer patient as well

“My father is fighting for his life in a cell. Doctors say he will probably live 2 more years at his best.”

Mustafa Erdoğan, a member of the Supreme Court of Cassation, is not released despite his life struggle in prison. The story of the cruel persecution towards a family from Mustafa Erdoğan’s daughter Buket Erdoğan’s;

Here is Buket Erdoğan’s letter;

First of all hi,

I am Buket Buket Erdoğan. I am a second year student at Ankara University Faculty of Law. I am studying law in the same school that my father, Mustafa Erdoğan a former Court of Cassation member, studied and graduated once, for being a legal expert like my father. I want to tell you what we have been living since 15th July.

Like everyone else on 15th July, we learned the coup attempt from television. When we were following the news that night, we would not dream of being thrown away from our home, and my father struggling for his life a few months later in a hospital room. On July 16th, we were alone with my brother at the time of our house being searched by the cops and not being able to find anything naturally. I always comforted him that we have nothing to hide. My father never hesitated to expres

s the injustices. In the statement taken in the hospital after, he also emphasized the HCJP’s impartiality. The next day there was a court warrant about my father, but despite the fact that the emergcy state was not announced yet, they did not hesitate to take the members of the Court of Cassation violently and handcuffed them. My father did not surrender for his own sake, because of his health condition. Because we heard the conditions on which the arrested members of the Court of Cassation were held. After events, they wanted us to evacuate our house immediately because it was a public house. My mother and brothers moved to Antalya. I continued to stay at the Ankara because of my school. Our life went downhill in an unexpected moment. I was seperated from my family.

It was rather insignificant beside the troubles my mother experienced when she and my brothers moved to Antalya. My mother had moved from the house which we were staying, with a “your husband is a terrorist” label and got kicked out to somewhere else if i may say so. My brothers had to leave their schools of which they were fondly attending, and all our assets were frozen. Our address were always explicit. While our relatives houses were searched for, neither my mother’s house in Antalya nor my house in Ankara which i stayed with my friends were searched for.

My father was trying to guarantee our life, to support us and to pay attention to his health. There has been a great deal of uncertainty in our lives with the decision of seizure of our assets. We could not use our bank accounts and we could not use our investments that my father had accumulated for years. In this process, I tried to stand on my feet in Ankara and to give support and to give morale to them. Neither I norm y father have nothing to do with FETO. My father did not surrender because it was irregularities [in due process], not because he was guilty. My father did not hesitate to express the truth everywhere and at anytime. My father always gave importance to his work. Though he had headaches, he did not use permission from the work. And I learned from my dad, that the law did not exist for someone’s comfort. We (i and my brothers) even have grown up without using the court’s pencils so that not to be unjust. It was quite injurious to see what was unfair and how the law was disregarded, and taken under control. My father’s headaches increased considerably when my mother set their life in order, in Antalya. It was said that my father’s had a tumour in his brain and was in stage 3 and that he had to be operated as soon as possible. My father never talked about his condition, so that we should not worry about his health. And in this process the tumor spread vastly with stress. We were worried that if the surrender was done before the operation, treatment would fail in prison conditions. My father had his brain surgery in a private hospital. The longest waiting in my life. I never felt that fear of losing my father so close. When my father hospitalized, police arrived. My father was in intensive care. I was just thinking about his health, but in front of the intensive care gates, the cops were discussing how to arrest him. His left side paralyzed after surgery. I could age 5 years in 5 days when my father was in intensive care. If they would take him (arrest him) in this situation, we feared about him not recover, but we have no choice but to wait for what will happen to him. On 30 December 2016 my father was transferred to the detention room in the hematology department on the 8th floor of the faculty of medicine of the mediterranean university in the presence of the cops. But the arrest decision was not even reported to the dad. My father found himself in a small room that did not even have a window after surgery. The cops kept watching over and emphasized that a man with paralysis could escape. Even when we received information from the doctors, police did not leave us. In fact this arrest was made not just for my father but for my whole family.

My father was accompanied by my mother at that moment and there was not even a bed to sleep. My father did not even see the sky after the day he entered the ward. Even his children were not allowed to visit. Although I was his daughter, I could not allow permission to stay in the companion. In my father’s room, there are twice as much bars. I always thought that how could doctors overcome these barriers and intervene in an emergency situation. A cancer patient needs a morale in the process of healing, but this kind of treatment will make even a healty person sick. The disease did not upturn because my father’s treatment hindered. As a matter of fact nowadays he has loss of consciousness and hallucinations.

Even if  my dad transferred in that room on December 30th, his statement was not taken until the month of February. After the statement taken on 1 February, it was decided to be pending trial on 2 February because there was a life threatening condition. We breathed a sigh of relief but after a full day without giving the breath we had, the prosecutor objected the decision. My father did see out of the window for the first time after surgery. He was only taken to normal service for 1 day. However, when the objection was accepted, he went back to the prisoner’s ward again. I learned that the prosecutor who made the objection and the judge who accepted it were also married.

It was a very ironic situation, we did not expect that the lawlessness would be so advanced. Since my father was paralyzed, and he laid down constantly, the doctor asked for a air bearing pad in order to prevent his body. This was also expressed in the report, but it was not allowed because it categorised as the technological device category. They wanted a new medical report. This detail is quite insignificant besides the unjust treatment we experienced, but the attitude we saw was this. I did not see my father after the arrest. They have not given permission. A person who even was not convicted had not allowed to see his children. I learned yesterday that the objections of our lawyers to the constitutional court were rejected. There is still a precautionary decision on our property right now. My father is fighting for his life in a cell. Doctors say he will probably live for another 2 years at his best. Despite he is not guilty how is it legally proper to pass his last times in this situation ? How will they give us the time we lost when it turns out that he is innocent ? I just wanted to tell you. Even if they do not understand. Because it is hard to comprehend unless you experience, and it is very difficult to accept.

Buket Beyza ERDOĞAN

Everything goes according to the Plan!

(author known to editor)




(Italics are made by the author) the rest is from the column, and it is written before the coup attempt


“On June 13, (2016) the government submitted to parliament a bill envisaging a massive purge at two of the country’s highest courts, which many say will put the last nail in the coffin of judicial independence and separation of powers.”


Sami Selcuk, a former head of the Court of Cassation (Yargitay) made a comment about the draft


Regarding the substance of the draft, Selcuk decried it as the “last nail in the coffin” of judicial independence. “The planned system is compatible neither with the Anglo-Saxon nor the continental European system. It’s peculiar and nonsensical. It’s harmful,” he wrote in the same article for Cumhuriyet. “Such changes could be found only in times of military coup. In a normal legal order, no one can even dare to think of [such changes].”


Pointing to persistent government efforts to control the judiciary, Selcuk added, “We’ve never experienced interferences on such a scale in the past five decades. As a former judge, these are days of mourning and shame for me. [The draft] has prepared the coffin for the judiciary, which is already ailing and suffering from a crisis of confidence. I hope the legislature doesn’t put the last nail in the coffin.”


The only difference is that the last nail in the coffin was put by the executive not the legislative.


Read more:



1-    Chief Judge (Hasan Akdemir) had arrested 60 Gulenist judges after the coup.

2-    Then, Chief Judge (Hasan Akdemir) was caught red-handed while taking bribe and got arrested by another Judge (Mehmet Özakar).

3-    Then, Judge Mehmet Ozakar got arrested and was charged with being a Gulenist too.


A-  – There is a Chief Judge (Hasan Akdemir) who had arrested some 60 judges and prosecutors after the coup. All these 60 judges and prosecutors are accused of being Gulenists.


B-  –  Then this Chief Judge (Hasan Akdemir) was caught red-handed while taking bribe -50.000$- at a law firm and then was arrested on the 23rd of April 2017.

He is accused of taking bribe in return of releasing a businessman. (Fikret Inan)


C-   – There is another judge Mehmet Özakar, who arrested the Chief Judge Hasan Akdemir, got arrested on the 8th of May, 2017 during the trial.

Judge Mehmet Özakar is accused of being a Gulenist too.


[Additional Info: Again, this Chief Judge (Hasan Akdemir) had given a decision to ban news about Erdogan’s university diploma last year as well.]]

Independent Judiciary ?

(author known to editor)

CHP Istanbul deputy Barış Yarkadaş continued his statements related to the appointments of judges on April 24th.

⊙ “800 of newly appointed 900 judges are composed of AKPs provincial and district administrators.

⊙ The judiciary became a branch of the AKP with the appointments of judges on April 24th.

⊙ The experiences are reminiscent of the Hitler era. With the recent appointments, it is clear that the “Towards the Führer” principle will be implemented.

⊙ The scandal grows as it is scrutinized the “VIP” judges list of AKP.

⊙ It became necessary to make public the scores of all judges appointed on April 24 and the reasons for appointment.

⊙ The daughter of the President of the Council of State and the principal clerk of the Minister of Justice appointed as “Vip judges”

⊙ Gonca Hatinoğlu, the daughter of President of Council of State Zerrin Güngör, was appointed as ‘VİP JUDGE – PARTY MEMBER JUDGE’.

⊙ “Gonca Hatinoglu has practiced his lawyer internship in Palace under the auspices of President Erdoğan, and her husband, Volkan Hatinoglu, was also appointed to the company Renaissance, who built the Palace before.

⊙ Muhammed Said Pamukçu, the principal clerk of Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ, is amo
ng the “winners of interview”.

⊙ AKP Trabzon Provincial Vice-President Bayram Günaydın is appointed as “party member judge”.

⊙ Ersan Oktaş who was a candidate for nomination in Samsun, Bafra mayorship was appointed as a judge on 24th April. Oktaş was a member of AKP Bafra Municipal Assembly in the previous term.

⊙ AKPs Bafra City Alderman Mustafa Sekmen was appointed as Judge on the same day.

⊙ AKPs Buca Municipality Alderman Sebahattin Kocagöbek was among the appointed ones too.

⊙ AKPs Konya MP candidate Muhammet Selman Harmankaya is also within the lucky names.

⊙ The AKP administration repudiates the law, the rule, the custom to establish an order in which they can not be judged.

⊙ These and yesterday’s findings are just a part of the scandal. I keep reviewing the list.

⊙ Justice does not come from this judiciary. Turkey will become to hell with this mind. Everyone should raise their objections aloud.

⊙ Period of “party judge” is the death of justice and law. It is time to gather in front of the courts make the funeral prayer of justice.



(sent to Editor by known source)


When I heard that you say “do not pity those who snivels, if you do so, we will become the pitiable ones”, on TV when i was watching your membership stage play to AKP again, i really pitied you. Maybe you are not aware of it maybe you are; You are already suffering because you are losing your world while you are losing your afterworld, the President of the AKP and the President of the half of the Republic.

Your “lovers”, “admirers” in your circle, your lickspittles and jesters will not tell you these. I will still do my humanity.

We the people that conscientious, insightful; If we know that we would have become pitiful, we have mercy for victims, opresseds, crusheds, especially those who are come to us for their needs. Moreover, you are faithful; Which book, which religion says “do not have mercy”, which belief orders “be unjust, be merciless”; Is it yours?

Let me tell you from the beginning: I can not wish evil, harm for anyone even to you; I do not wish you any, but if one day you become pathetic, pitiable, I will have compassion for you even if you will hurt me when you have the opportunity to do so.

If all these victimisations is not a burden to your conscience…

Today, i will almost call out to you to hear the voices of hundreds of thousands of victims thereby reminding Dr. Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu’s “obstacle to the disabled pension” article. I’m glad I did not. For a moment, maybe you have not been informed, maybe you have been unaware of i thought, what a simpleton thought i had. Listening to your speech, i realize the wave of victimization which reached a nonapparent to whom its going to hit, imperceptible, no mercy for anyone is with your order. So judges, prosecutors, courts, policemen, gendarmes are so reckless that they have received the ruthless commands from you. They do not hesitate to commit violation of human rights, to inflict hundreds of thousands of innocent peoples lives in imprisonment with unjust decisions, to throw them out of their jobs, to seize the assets and frozen their money, salaries, and to ruin the lives of their children.

It is not political; I am talking about a legal, conscientious, moral issue. FETO, ISIS, PKK, journalist, author; There are tens of thousands of people held in the solitary confinements, in prisons for nine or ten months, without proving their crime with solid evidences before the court, without even preparing the indictment, or being trialed by a court. Moreover, as it were they have been sentenced to heavy convictions, they do not even have the rights to have visits, writing letters or communicate. Especially, those who labeled FETO (which can be happen by informs of rotten people of demonized society of yours, by assumptions, by mistake even sometimes) their wives, children, and families of victims outside the prison was also not exempted from the victimization. I know the children that were not recorded to schools because of their surnames, the families evicted from their homes because of their landlords were scared, the spouses whose salaries, dotations were cut, I do not even remind those who commit suicide.

People are writing, screaming to those who writes, draws, speaks still have voice in order to able to be heard, told their victimisation. Because they have nowhere to go. Their complaints, grievances, clamours, fills our letter boxes, e-mails, social media, everywhere they can reach. A so-called research commission will be established in order to prevent the accusation of thousands of innocent people next to a few of guilty and to eliminate grievances. You promised the nation as well as the EU that it would be established up to January (2017). Where is it, where? Do you even care these injustices, unfairnesses, victimisations! Are you not aware that when you say, “Do not have mercy, if you would we will become pitiful,” all the sins of injustices and grievances will be loaded on you in this world and the afterworld, where you say you believe in as well.

How far is it to distort reality?

Zaten hiç ayrılmadığınız partinize şeklen geri dönüş törenindeki konuşmanızı alkışlayan cemaatinizi seyrederken, inanıyorlar mı sözlerinize diye düşündüm? Hele de “Bunlar (ki Avrupa Birliği oluyor “bunlar”) OHAL ilan ettik diye saldırıyorlar, Fransa da OHAL ilan etti” dediğinizde…

When i was wathing your congregation clapping your speech at your return (to your party) of which you never apart of i thought did they even believe you ? Especially when you said, “They (means EU by saying They)  are attacking us because we declared emergcy state, France is also declared it”

France has declared an Emergency State after the terrorist attacks, right. But they are criticizing you for not declaring ES, they criticizing you because you called the inauspicious coup d’etat as Allah’s grace hence denying liberties, democracy, human rights. Ask your counselors if you do not know; In France, how many people were arrested in the Emergency State; How many journalists, opposing people have been taken to prison for months without being brought to the courts, how many trustees have been appointed to the institutions, how many media foundations (tvs, newspapers, magazines) have been closed, how many houses have been raided, etc. … I will tell you this: when i asked the question to the French, they thought a while and there was only one member of the press, He is a criminal who is arrested for smuggling. Also, a mosque where the ISIS members are nestled is closed on their own demands.

Put all democratic values ​​under your feet, disregard all the principles of the EU, the red lines, and even threaten them, then cry out to us as enemies and intimidate them as “its your funeral”! Your congregation and us are have no choice but to believe, but they do not “eat” these words.

I do not count to keep it short; There were such distortions in your speech (i can not define as lies because of the respect to the position and i scared) that a honorable Interior Minister, a Prime Minister, a counselor with a character would have immediately alerted you.

The “crowned head” is not getting wise it seems

You are wearing a crown on your crown, or rather you wear your own crown yourself. You are the one man here, and you are strong, you achieved your goal. You are no longer a victim, but you are fastuous. It was expected that you would be the head of the public not half of us, but all of us. It was expected that you are going to say “we are going to turn a new page”. It was anticipated that you adopt the pains in the society witthout discriminating, “we” – “they”. Chance would be fine thing

When I listened to your conversation, I recalled a saying about the crowned heads. That was said for the ancient sultans in ancient times! It’s no longer fits today.


Pro-gov’t journalist Etyen Mahcupyan about the wich-hunt in Turkey made on unfounded denunciation

(sent to editor by known source)

The story that i am going to tell you goes through in one of the cities of Central Anatolia however it might happen anywhere in Turkey since there is no obstacle from happening it and we continue to hear more and more rumors about similarities in many different places. One day, a lawyer from one of the big businesses received a call from one of his prosecutor friend. The prosecutor wants him to come his office as soon as possible. On the visit of the lawyer, after regular chit chat the prosecutor has brought the subject to an investigation about the lawyer tells him that he is accused of being a fetoist and in charge of petty officers in that city …

The lawyer tries to explain to the prosecutor that they met long ago, known each other as a family for years, and the accusations about him is just a bunch of baloney as best as he could tell, but the prosecutor was also on the same page. However, the Prosecutor says that he has to arrest him, because otherwise he has a high possibility of getting into trouble. The lawyer insists on who reports him, but he can not have answer. The prosecutor stressed that he did not have the authority to give this knowledge to him …

As a matter of fact, the public prosecutor arrests the lawyer who is a close friend and sends him to jail. After a few days, the lawyer, due to his friendship get a chance to talk again with the prosecutor. He begs to the prosecutor know who had reported him. Finally, the prosecutor’s heart softens and tells the name of the informer. The lawyer hears this name for the first time. Nothing will come out from the research of the family too. No one knows this person in the family …

While the imprisonment has been around for a few weeks, an idea comes to the lawyer’s mind and he makes an attempt. After a long struggle the lawyer persuades his prosecutor friend to this: the prosecutor was going to call the informer and ask him the person that he informed and put five pictures in front of him including the lawyer. The prosecutor invited the informer and put the photos in front of him … And the informant did not know who the lawyer is. He does not know the lawyer and never saw it in his life.

Thus, the lawyer was released from jail … The informer does not say why he denounced him, and who encouraged him. After the incident neither the lawyer nor the prosecutor pursued the informant. They fear that something would happen if they went after the informer. The lawyer still does not know why this all happened. If the idea of identification from the photographs did not come to his mind because of his profession and if the prosecutor had not been a friend he would meet the festival in prison today, It would be a long time to think about “national sovereignty”,400666