The real reason behind the arrest warrants is their commitment to justice

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@JHofTURKEY shared a tweet flood, which includes some quotation from a newspaper interviewed with three judges’s wifes (two of them also dismissed judges).

They live in Turkey, and seem to me crying for you for help to reach them. I am sure the jounalist will happly give their information, and urge you to help them, show they are not alone.

1- Ayse says My husband is in a cell for months, never sees the sky.

2-She continues “as if we were buried alive since the coup attempt.”

3-“a five square meter cell, with a toilet for 60 persons.” adds Hatice.

4-“presented to a bloody young prosecutor, arrested them as on the line.” says Hatice 5-the prosecutor says “Your file is empty. There is only one paper from the HSYK that you ar

e suppose to be arrested.”

6- A respected judge is the next day becomes a terrorist” says Ayse

7-Ayse say it was told ” But the content of the file is secret!”

8-Hatice argues “the huge influence of politics on the courts. Whoever does not obey it, found himself in a prison. The others makes a career

9-Hatice argues “In her prison, people soon began to wonder about how to get rid of this accusation without a trial.”

10-Hatice argues, “If you are against, you will be stigmatized as a FETO.”

11- Mehmet Yilmaz promised to judges if they provide useable statements for prosecution, will be granted immunity, and return to bench.

12-They both says “the real reason behind the arrest warrants is their commitment to the justice”

13-Their kids have often weeping come out of school because her father as an “Enemy of Turkey”, therefore they have been abused.

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