Morphologic Observation

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After Charlie Hebdo massacre, like many media outlet in the world, Cumhuriyet Daily also had published a section from the first issue of the Charlie Hebdo magazine following the masssacre. After this solidarity in terms of press freedom, Cumhuriyet had faced several difficulties including search of delivery trucks going out from the press houses.

In the protests taking place in front of Cumhuriyet, some slogans “Kuaşi brothers are our honour” were shouted in favor of those carrying out Charlie Hebdo massacre and also press releases were made during protest demonsrations saying Kuaşi brothers had made proud of Muslims and wishing the approvement of their shahada.

In this process, some supporting visits were made to Cumhuriyet Daily who was threatened by the demonstraters praising ISIL militants and also subjected to feckless accusations of the politicians. Among those visiting to support the daily were people from several walk of society and judges/prosecutors as well. At that time, a center of hate speech Yeni Akit Daily targetting those judges hit headlines releasing “The judge of Charlie is a persecutor of the ones wearing head scarf” and “Sack those judges from the profession”. The request of Yeni Akit was put into effect by the Council of the Judges and Procecutors (CJP) newly reshaped after the constitutional referendum. According to the report by Kemal Göktaş issued yesterday in Cumhuriyet, CJP has given consent for the investigation to launch into judges and prosecutors making visits to Daily under severe crackdown of the executives. But, nor is this all. Observed morphologically of the pictures published on Yeni Akit Daily, the identities of the judges and prosecutors visiting Cumhuriyet were indentified by the Security Directorate of Criminal Police Lab.

As if the judges and prosecutors had kept their visits secret. One of the judges whose identity could not be determined over the morphologic observation showed a reaction to this implementation saying “I have learnt that the identities of the concerned judges/prosecutors were determined by the analyse of the pictures published in Daily over the morphologic observation made in Security Criminal Lab. Despite I also was present in the visit and my face was partly seemed in the picture, no legal action was taken on myself. This situation made me upset so that some action should also be taken on me”. Actually this investigation is a morphologic observation into Turkey, into not those saying “the ones carrying out the Charlie Hebdo massacre are our honour” but the judges and prosecutors carrying out visits for the press freedom.

It is a bit difficult for Turkey to recover with the accompaniment of such a judiciary and security directorate exercising its power by the order of Yeni Akit Daily, most particularly in this region.
While the Cumhuriyet Daily at the age of Turkish Republic is under blockade, the fact that Yeni Akit Daily has taken the position of Prosecutor’s Office is a proper summary of the transformation Turkey has being experienced.

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