800 of the 900 judges appointed by the Ministry of Justice with relations to AKP

(author known to editor)

Independence and impartiality, indispensable quality, honor and virtue of judiciary. A judiciary who does not use his conscious, sells his personality, breaks it down and betrays himself and his nation, country and state before anyone and anything else.
In a political environment where distortions and irregularities have been overtaken and the contradictions and immoderations in different sections have been experienced and the pledges have been forgotten and negated, partisanism is gradually increasing, and objectionable procedure and actions follow each other. Lastly, 800 of the 900 judges appointed by the Ministry of Justice, who has relations to AKP is horrifying. In a country where the judiciary has lost its independence and its impartiality, justice becomes a dream, one cannot talk about security, social peace, welfare and rest. Judiciary bias is the most severe disorder.
It is a surprising contradiction while referendum results still discussing, as the complaints about the impartiality of the president not being compatible with the membership of a political party become widespread, it is an astounding repugnance that the reputation and trustworthiness of the judiciary was rendered constantly debatable and complainable by appointed judges comes from a ruling party background. Those who cause this objection that remains in duty, to be seen appropriate and protected, is also thought-provoking.

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