Independent Judiciary ?

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CHP Istanbul deputy Barış Yarkadaş continued his statements related to the appointments of judges on April 24th.

⊙ “800 of newly appointed 900 judges are composed of AKPs provincial and district administrators.

⊙ The judiciary became a branch of the AKP with the appointments of judges on April 24th.

⊙ The experiences are reminiscent of the Hitler era. With the recent appointments, it is clear that the “Towards the Führer” principle will be implemented.

⊙ The scandal grows as it is scrutinized the “VIP” judges list of AKP.

⊙ It became necessary to make public the scores of all judges appointed on April 24 and the reasons for appointment.

⊙ The daughter of the President of the Council of State and the principal clerk of the Minister of Justice appointed as “Vip judges”

⊙ Gonca Hatinoğlu, the daughter of President of Council of State Zerrin Güngör, was appointed as ‘VİP JUDGE – PARTY MEMBER JUDGE’.

⊙ “Gonca Hatinoglu has practiced his lawyer internship in Palace under the auspices of President Erdoğan, and her husband, Volkan Hatinoglu, was also appointed to the company Renaissance, who built the Palace before.

⊙ Muhammed Said Pamukçu, the principal clerk of Justice Minister Bekir Bozdağ, is amo
ng the “winners of interview”.

⊙ AKP Trabzon Provincial Vice-President Bayram Günaydın is appointed as “party member judge”.

⊙ Ersan Oktaş who was a candidate for nomination in Samsun, Bafra mayorship was appointed as a judge on 24th April. Oktaş was a member of AKP Bafra Municipal Assembly in the previous term.

⊙ AKPs Bafra City Alderman Mustafa Sekmen was appointed as Judge on the same day.

⊙ AKPs Buca Municipality Alderman Sebahattin Kocagöbek was among the appointed ones too.

⊙ AKPs Konya MP candidate Muhammet Selman Harmankaya is also within the lucky names.

⊙ The AKP administration repudiates the law, the rule, the custom to establish an order in which they can not be judged.

⊙ These and yesterday’s findings are just a part of the scandal. I keep reviewing the list.

⊙ Justice does not come from this judiciary. Turkey will become to hell with this mind. Everyone should raise their objections aloud.

⊙ Period of “party judge” is the death of justice and law. It is time to gather in front of the courts make the funeral prayer of justice.


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