The effort of a judge to convince HSYK to be innocent of groundless charges against him/TURKEY

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JUDGE ID number 124797 / Mehmet Alçay-Tekirdağ Tax Court Judge published his personal story about dissmissal of judges and prosecutors.
Judge Alcay is still active judge in Turkey. He was questioned by one of HSYK Judge, who specisifcly deals with “FETO (Gulenist)” investigation.
Judge Alcay argues that the HSYK judge told him the Council (HSYK) knows who voted to whom in the judicial election held in October 2014. Judge Alcay was faced these questions:
1- Whether he took a photo of his ballot, which can be proved he voted for YBP Assoc. candidates in October 2014 election.
2- Whether he used marker pen in his ballot, which YBP (goverment oriented assosiation defined by variety of independent international institutions) used a strategic toll to define voters inclination. HSYK Judge gave a specific example one of judge convinced HSYK that he voted for YBP.
3- If you do not show any evidence to vote for YBP, it might be a problem for Judge Alcay has link with so called “FETO” terrorist organisation.

Judge Alcay argues that he was follower of Gulen between 2012 to 2014. But, he does not have any connection with “FETO” since 2014, he voted for YBP candidates, and shared so many names to HSYK Judge to testify his statement. However, HSYK do not accept their testimony. Judge Alcay showed some pictures to HSKY Judge, he was outside streets with some people waiting for President Erdogan. He thought this pictures helps him not to be connection with any terrorist organisation. Support to Erdogan makes him innocent. Could you imagine a judge argues this kind of groundless defence in order to show his innocence? In addition, Judge Alcay finishes his writing with one Quran verse, which Allah warns people to be fair, and asks help from Erdogan not judiciary.

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