Solidarity for Murat Arslan #solidarityformuratarslan

Message from Turkey, regarding the detention of Murat Arslan, President of Yarsav – the only independent Association of Judges and Prosecutors in Turkey – 19th of October 2016:

The President of Association for the Union of Judges and Prosecutors, Mr. Murat Arslan was arrested in the early morning yesterday. Although we could obtain some information from the Prosecutor’s office, we were not given the legal right to visit our client in custody of the police. We call attention of the international NGOs and sensitive individuals to take action against the operation which is another instance of vicious chains of the present oppression in Turkey. Yarsav, the Association for the Union of Judges and Prosecutors had been the only free and independent voice of more than 1500 Judges and Prosecutors. As it had been summarily shut down by a decree-law, now it is time for the oppressive government to arrest its leaders for no reason! Our Client must be speedily interrogated by the Prosecutor and taken to the nearest court and released. We shall continue to be vigilant and intervene! We ask solidarity for Murat Arslan #solidarityformuratarslan “

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